Triple Milled Soap vs. Traditional

Although soap has been a basic cleaning product used for many centuries, there is a sophistication to how it is made. The higher quality production, the better the soap is overall in terms of effectiveness. One of the more celebrated types is the triple milled soap which many claim is the best version that can be made.

What is Triple Milled Soap?

Soap is created by mixing the ingredients such as fat or oil with alkali salt or lye. The mixture is passed through a milling machine which creates a smooth, fine paste. As the name implies, triple milled soap is passed through the milling machine three times as opposed to one as is the practice for most other soap companies.

Three seems to be the right number in terms of the milling process for soaps. If they are passed through only once or twice, air bubbles or excess moisture are more likely to remain. Pass through the milling machine too many times, and the soap may be too dry and uncomfortable to use. Three to five times seems to be the right amount, which is why some triple milled soaps pass through the mixer an additional time or two for maximum effect.

You can find triple milled soap from companies such as Caswell-Massey or Duke Cannon Supply Company. But what is it about triple milled soap makes it superior to the competition?


The most notable benefit of triple milled soap is the final product has just the right amount of moisture present. This means that the soap is in its purest form. Whether mixed with fragrances or with just the basic ingredients, being in its pure form offers considerable advantages.

Density: Because the excess moisture has been milled out of the soap, the bar itself will last far longer compared to single milled soaps. This means that even as the bar gets smaller, the lather will still be rich just like it was when first purchased. You get more out of a triple milled soap compared to standard versions.

Mixture: It’s not just the ingredients in the soap that make it clean the skin, it is how they are put together. The triple milling process means that the basic ingredients and any added elements are mixed properly.

This is due to the removal of excess air and moisture which can disrupted the intended effect. This means that any additional materials present are mixed properly for the best experience.

Sensitive Skin: One reason why many soaps create an allergic reaction to the skin is the impurities found in the lye. When not milled properly, these impurities may still be present which causes the irritation to occur. However, triple milled soap reduces the amount of grease or dirt considerably. The result is far less irritation to the skin.

For those who are interested in purchasing triple milled soap, there are many fine companies which make great quality soaps like Caswell-Massey and Duke Cannon Supply Co. You will notice the difference when using a triple milled soap compared to other types on the market.

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