Dryer Balls

You might’ve heard your friends talking about wool dryer balls and wondered what they are and what the big deal is! Read on to see why folks everywhere are making the switch from fabric softener to these funky, natural new trend!

So what exactly are wool dryer balls?

Wool dryer balls, as the name suggests, are an all-natural alternative to other dryer products. Made from 100% natural and eco-friendly wool, these balls bounce around inside your dryer and sneak between the wet clothes which, as we all know, have a bad habit of sticking together. This allows the warm air inside the dryer to dry your clothes more rapidly. What’s more, the wool dryer balls also absorb excess moisture from each individual clothing item, making it easier for them to dry.

What are the benefits?

An Ethically Sourced Drying Option.

We’re becoming more and more aware of the poor working conditions that a lot of big brand manufacturers are using to get their products. One common issue is that many lower cost products come from places like China, where the working conditions are very bad, many of them are also crafted using inferior quality products. 

Now, this is also the case for many wool dryer balls vendors, which is why it’s important to always be careful who you buy from. But when buying ethically sourced wool dryer balls, you’re also making a stand against unfair labor conditions.

Natural Clothes Softener.

If you’re worried about skipping the fabric softener, don’t be. Wool dryer balls naturally smooth out the wrinkles in your clothes as they bounce around inside the machine, and help soften the washed fabric naturally, without exposing it to unhealthy ingredients.

Tip: when using wool dryer balls, make sure not to fill the dryer to the brim, otherwise the balls won’t have room to bounce!

No dangerous chemicals.

As you probably already know, most detergents, fabric softeners, and similar products are crafted using artificial fragrance and loads of harsh cleansing or softening chemicals, which will attack both the fabric in the long run and your skin. And health really isn’t something to joke about. 

Wool dryer balls achieve the same result without exposing you to any unnecessarily dangerous chemicals in the process!

Remove build-up from your clothes.

You might not be aware of this, but all those cleansers and all those fabric softeners you’re using are staying in your clothes. Towels and workout gear has a higher absorption rate, which means it also absorbs some of these noxious chemicals in the washing process. Aside from the obvious health hazard here, this also affects the item’s absorption rate, with towels that are exposed to fabric softeners for a long period of time losing their ability to absorb moisture properly.

All in all, wool dryer balls are an exciting and 100% organic alternative for your dryer. They are healthier for you, better for your clothes, and for the environment - what’s there not to like? 

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