Have You Heard About Solid Cologne / Solid Perfume?

Most of us are used to spraying on a little cologne or perfume when heading out somewhere special, but did you know that is not your only option? More and more manufacturers are offering both solid cologne and liquid fragrance.

Solid Cologne

Your usual (liquid) fragrance uses water or alcohol as a carrier for the fragrance, right? Well, with solid cologne, you’ve got essentially the same thing, only instead of using a liquid to carry that lovely scent, they use wax, beeswax, shea butter, and other moisturizing solids (also known as carrier wax or carriers). Similar to normal cologne or perfume, solid fragrance is rubbed gently against the pulse points (e.g. wrist, neck, behind ear, etc.) where the scent is warmed and thus stays with you for the rest of the day.


A major plus point for solid cologne is that it’s very travel-friendly (both for taking it to the office, and for longer trips). Since it's typically contained in a tin or smaller container, it's easy to pack and also goes through TSA with no issues as it's not a liquid, so you can take as much as you want in your carry on! We love Duke Cannon's collection of solid colognes in handy tins

Some solid fragrances may also last longer, depending on how you use them, however, that’s a highly subjective matter, since some liquids last more than solid colognes and vice-versa.

In the event you do want to add a little more, solid fragrances are also incredibly easy to reapply throughout the day. Simply grab the tin, warm it up a little with your hands and rub it on; that's all it takes!



Only use a little. Solid cologne can be far more concentrated than liquid perfume, so if you’re used to using a lot of fragrance, you might end up overdoing it.

Solid colognes are still fairly new on the market, so they are not as commonly available as liquid perfume.Luckily we carry them here at Strivezy!

Liquid Fragrances

We’re all more familiar with spraying on some liquid cologne or perfume in the morning. As we’ve seen, there’s only a difference in the carrier material between the two products, and while solid cologne is more concentrated, there are plenty of good things to be said about liquid fragrances as well! 


Ease of use - many people love going through the motions and spraying on a little fragrance, a feeling you don’t really get with solid scents, even though the smell itself is just as nice.

Since it can be less concentrated than solid cologne, you don’t have to worry about overdoing it and having an overbearing smell (which often happens when you put on too much).

Long lasting - while some solid colognes can last you through the day, the general consensus seems to be that liquid fragrance stays on more and potentially has more projection.

You can also apply to hair, which isn’t as easily achieved with the carrier waxes in solid fragrances. 


Can be difficult to carry with you and risk breaking during travel if not properly protected.

So which is best?

Neither and both! The conclusion is both solid fragrance and liquid perfume are great methods to spruce up your style and smell great throughout the day. Each has its pros and cons and ultimately choose whichever is best for you and the purpose for which you are using it!

But if you’ve never used solid fragrances (which is often the case), we recommend giving it a go - you might be surprised! Strivezy carries a great selection of both solid and liquid fragrances for both men and women, and also even some unisex fragrances!

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