Why Pick a Safety Razor over Those Expensive Multi-Blade Cartridge Razors?

The safety razor has been around for well over a century. Crafted from a single piece of steel, this double-edge blade was the standard for shaving until the advent of multiple cartridge razors. Unfortunately, while the newer cartridge razors offer some advantages in terms of price, they are woefully lacking compared to the safety razor in terms of performance.

A safety razor consists of a double edge blade which means you can use both sides if needed. You simply secure the blade inside the razor, close it in place, and you can start shaving. If you need to change the blade, you open the razor and remove the blade to replace it with another one.

The overall design of the safety razor has not changed in a long time. Its classic design is easy to use which makes it a favorite of those who have tried multiple cartridge razors that are made from plastic. The advantages of the safety razor over its multiple cartridge counterpart are considerable.

Close Shave

You may be surprised initially at just how close a shave you can receive with a safety razor. They are clean and efficient to use, but it is the classic design that allows you to press the blade gently against the skin to get a smooth, clean shave.


Unlike multiple cartridge razors which can wear out quickly, the double edge blade of a safety razor is crafted from stainless steel. This means that it will last for a long time without any corrosion. You will toss out fewer blades from this razor which also helps to protect the environment.

Less Irritation

One of the biggest misconceptions about multiple cartridge razors is that they reduce irritation. The opposite is true as their lightweight design means you have to press them closer to the skin. The result is more irritation as the razor can burn or irritate the skin instead of cutting the hairs.

A safety razor is heavier and requires less pressure. This means that you have less skin irritation while still getting a smooth, close shave.


Arguably the best reason to use a safety razor is that it does not get clogged with hair and flakes of skin. Simply use the razor and wash it off under the faucet. A multiple cartridge razor, especially those with multiple blades will trap germs and bacteria making it less sanitary to use. Even after cleaning, the remaining organisms may infect openings in your skin on the next pass.

Save Money

Although the initial price of multiple cartridge razors may seem cheap. Over time they will start to cost a considerable amount. This is because you are purchasing cartridges and not single blades as you would with a safety razor. This means that you will save money over time while still getting a smooth, clean shave.

The safety razor with the double edge blade offers considerable advantages over multiple cartridge razors. If you are looking for that close shave that doesn’t dent your wallet, then the safety razor is for you.

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