5 Failproof Gift Ideas for Women

Christmas is coming closer and closer with each passing day, and if you’re anything like us, you’re probably stuck in a bit of a rut about what to get that special lady in your life. It can be tricky choosing the right gift, especially for those closest to you. So with all the chaos around the holidays, we did some of the work for you and we’ll give you some of our top gift ideas for the ladies that never, ever fail.

We’ll be looking both at more intimate presents, for those women closest to you, as well as more general ones, appropriate for a female acquaintance or friend.

1. Skincare is care

Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t enjoy receiving a nice set of skincare products that has everything they need to keep them clean, moisturized, and pampered for the foreseeable future? If you know the lady’s preferred fragrance or aroma, you might opt for that, but even if you don’t, that shouldn’t be a problem. There are lots of excellent, more neutral scents out there that will appeal to even the pickiest ladies out there.

2. Jewelry never fails

Trust us when we say, you can never go wrong with jewelry. Although if you want to ensure success, we might suggest you think through all the jewelry already in her collection or bring a female friend with you while you shop? Jewelry is a highly appreciated gift, as long as you get the style right, so make sure you get plenty of input on your choice before you take that leap. While some ladies prefer more traditional, pearl earrings, others go for more exotic, brighter models.

Or, if earrings feel a little too personal (or too difficult to choose), why not opt for a nice, sleek necklace that goes beautifully with a wide range of outfits? 

If you want to make it an extra special gift, and want to spend more on a jewelry piece, you can also consider fine jewelry made from some of the highest quality precious metals. These are beautiful options, but can certainly be a bit more pricey.

3. Say it with flowers (or flowery perfume!)

Perfume is a somewhat intimate type of gift, so this one may be best suited for a lady you’re particularly close with, such as a partner, a mother, or a sister. Truth is, you’re certain to impress with a nice light-scented perfume or even try out one of the newer alcohol free perfumes!

To determine her fragrance of choice, as before above, we suggest you take a quick gander through her existing perfumes, to see what she does and doesn’t like. Can’t do that? Then just ask her, next time you’re out together, what perfume she’s wearing. You can get an excellent idea of what type of scent she enjoys!

4. A scented candle is subtle, yet highly appreciated

There’s something sweet and intimate about a scented candle, though not too much so, making it an appropriate gift for ladies close to you, as well as female acquaintances. You can never go wrong with a nice floral blend, which goes well in many areas of the house!

5. Art Prints are majorly in style

Another great gift that’s not too personal, but not too generic either is a stylish art print to decorate their home with. This also doubles as a housewarming gift if you’ve been looking for one of those as well. And if art prints aren’t her style, why not give a nod to her love of music with a Bob Dylan poster?

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