Maison Sybarite is one of the most popular companies in the world that makes water-based fragrances. The fragrances are developed by Antoine Lie, a Master Perfumer with attention to natural ingredients, modernism, and style.

It is a French perfume brand that prides itself on sustainable manufacturing processes. It has an “Eau De Parfum” collection in four scents, which include Bed of roses, Spicy Calabria, Opulent Wood, and 720. The company avoids the use of solvents and denatured alcohol as well as harness the natural perks of water plant emulsion.

All ingredients in Maison Sybarite Fragrances are natural and eco-friendly, which reduces the use of toxic substances and environmental footprint. Maison Sybarite is a 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand, which makes it different from other perfume brands that use acetone, benzaldehyde, ethanol, formaldehyde, limonene, etc. in their products.

Maison Sybarite uses the safest and environmental-friendly components to produce beautiful and clean fragrances. All products contain fewer ingredients than conventional perfumes because these perfumes are based on ultra-pure water. Read on!

Alcohol and Solvent Free Perfumes

Global warming and climate change are encouraging various industries to adopt environmental-friendly practices. The world of fragrances and perfumery is also facing the challenge of global cultural shifts and climate crisis.

In this regard, there are a few companies that are taking this matter seriously, Maison Sybarite’s foundation is based on eco-friendly practices. Most companies use hydrosol, glycerin, wax, and other oil to make perfumes.

Maison Sybarite, on the other hand, does not use solvent or alcohol in the formulation. The purpose is to make effort and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The company uses innovative technology, which is both clean and less polluting.

Cruelty-Free Perfumes

People are gaining more conscious of ethical issues of animal testing and that’s why they are demanding more plant-based products. Many countries including Israel, Norway, and India have banned the use of animal-based ingredients in perfumes.

Maison Sybarite believes in the cruelty-free production of fragrances. The company has employed an innovative vetting process that checks the safety of ingredients before using them in production.

The company tests all its products in the laboratory to ensure they are not toxic and harmful. Maison Sybarite makes substantial efforts to avoid endangering animals’ lives. Again, the aim is to reduce the use of animal-based ingredients and make the world a better place by avoiding damages to the ecosystem.

Maison Sybarite Collection

The company produces opulent scents, which are clean, full-bodied, and long-lasting. Online research shows that consumers are happy using Maison Sybarite Fragrances because the products give them feelings of empowerment and confidence.

There are four variations of the company’s collection that combine precious wood and rich spices, create a beautiful and fresh aroma on the skin. All products are perfect for people of all ages and can be used every day, for example, you can use it for office, gym, party, etc.

Final Thoughts

Water-based perfumes are gaining popularity across the world. Maison Sybarite is the first company that is producing water-based fragrances. The formulas are non-sticky, non-oily, and chemical-free. At the same time, Maison Sybarite ensures to maintain the highest-quality scent that is both light and refreshing. Thus, each product gives you a unique sensorial experience.