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Artist Maria Kamara and her daughter Mary Hagemeyer combine their love of art and design while encouraging each other as creatives.  Together they form a brand that indulges color while honoring simplicity of style.  Maria's paintings and artisan scarves, and Mary's delicate handmade gold filled jewelry, pair beautifully side by side.  In their studio they design and create using ethical practices which is the cornerstone of their work.   

Trained as a classical musician, Maria first began to understand her deep connection to art through a sculpting class in graduate school.  The complete freedom to create was in stark contrast to the highly organized discipline of music she was pursuing, and in this freedom she found a piece of herself.  All her paintings have a story to tell or a memory to hold close.  Her love of intuitive abstract painting stems in part from the element of surprise it allows as it builds organically, while still revealing what my soul desires in that moment.  The joy and energy in her home studio is also balanced by the quiet peace it brings.  It's a sacred place, and as a wife and mother of five, painting is a gift she gives herself. Her hope is that those who connect with her work will experience the essence of it's purpose which is to honor where one finds beauty, and the acceptance of self.

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