Marie-Jeanne is a world-renowned company that produces the highest quality fragrances and candles. Known for its world-class perfumery with natural essential oils, each product has its own character and style.

Marie-Jeanne manufactures its fragrances and candles in Grasse, which is considered the capital of perfumery in the world. The company has a wide range of compositions full of natural raw materials that showcase the unique character and beauty of French excellence.

Each product the company manufactures contains a combination of natural raw materials, which are selected for their unique psycho-emotional and olfactory properties. The company sources these high-quality and precious materials from different parts of the world and innovatively uses them to produce perfumes that are one-of-a-kind. Read on!

Marie Jeanne Fragrances

Today, fragrances are all about the unique combination of natural ingredients. Marie-Jeanne ensures to use of natural fragrances derived from natural aromatics, which are extracted from plants without changing the chemical structure.

The company includes essential oils, distillates, oleoresins, isolates, and fractions to produce high-quality perfumes. Currently, the fragrance product line includes Leon, Marcel, Marcelle, and Vetiver Santal.

Leon is a perfume product designed for young people. It is made of freshly blended neroli, white musk, and honeysuckle, which are 100% natural ingredients that give a soothing scent to refresh your day. Likewise, sandalwood offers a luxury edge to Leon.

Marcel, on the other hand, is a classic cologne type scent, which can be observed from the very first spray. It contains a citrus scent, which is neither aggressive nor mild. Instead, it produces a refreshing scent that will tranquil your mind and soothes your heart. The primary ingredients include citrus, rosemary, lavender, ylang-ylang, cedar, vetiver, etc.

Marcelle is another product of Marie Jeanne, which is an amazing citrusy cloud of scent. Unlike Marcel, the company has enhanced the citrus levels by adding sour grapefruits that give a nice mouthwatering feeling. Marcelle is popular among people of all ages.  

Vetiver Santal is a powerful and fresh fragrance that perfectly combines the scent of sandalwood with vetiver. The scent is further improved by adding the benzoin and patchouli that oozes the fragrance of modernity.

Marie Jeanne Candles

Besides quality fragrances and scents, Marie Jeanne also produces candles, which are made of natural ingredients. It is important to know that the company imports these ingredients from different parts of the world. Each candle has only 12% fragrance oil in its composition and the purpose is to ensure a reasonable level of intensity.  

Additionally, each candle contains a special combination of paraffin and vegetable waxes, which are customized adequately to extract unique scent qualities for the best burning. The company ensures adding lead-free cotton wicks to further enhance the quality of the candle.

Keep in mind that Marie Jeanne manufactures its candles in Grasse and this is the company that does not compromise on quality. Currently, the company catalog features 10 candles and among them, the most popular are Jeanine, Rose, and Madeleine.

Marie Jeanne produces the highest-quality scented candles, which are fragrances by plant-based essential oils, including those extracted from fruits and spices. Lastly, natural waxes allow the scent to burn beautifully.