In 1908, Ludovico Martelli founded Proraso Shaving Company in Italy. Proraso is a 4th generation family-owned business and one of the oldest Italian brands. In 1930, Pero Martelli, son of Ludovico, took control of the business and launched Frabelia Beauty Cream, which was the first original brand of Martelli.

Frabelia became a popular skincare product within a few years. However, the most interesting product of the company is its shaving cream. It is known as Proraso or “Pro Shave,” which has made the company a pioneer in skincare products. Undoubtedly, beauticians, barbers, and other people are in love with Proraso.

Today, Proraso is the second-best brand in the pre-shave market. At the same time, people consider it the number one brand in classic shaving products. The company believes in giving people quality and value. Proraso aims to produce high-quality shaving products. They use a unique production method, which involves 5-10 days of resting the soap that becomes dense, rich, and durable.

Unique Features of Proraso Shaving Cream

Proraso shaving soap stands out among the competition due to its unique features and specifications. It has relatively a longer lifespan than other expensive products available on the market. The most loved feature of Proraso shaving cream and aftershave products are their eucalyptus and methanol scent that provides a soothing sensation and feeling of tranquility.

Thick and Dense Lather

Today, the majority of shaving soaps available on the market are solid. However, Proraso is way different than many other products because it looks like shaving cream but it is still soap. Although it is not easy to build the lather initially, you can surely achieve a thick and denser lather with the added effort. Proraso cream will give you the best shaving experience.

Besides, you will achieve a denser-looking lather that allows you to fill up space within the hairs. Thus, you will get a substantial absorption, which enables you to glide the razor over your face easily. The company recommends barbers, beauticians, and other customers to allow the lather to sit for two minutes to achieve a better outcome.

Menthol and Eucalyptus Scent

There are many products in the Proraso shaving category or line, the classic Green Proraso is the most popular among them all. It has a eucalyptus and menthol scent, which soothes your mind the moment you apply it to your face.

Not only does it leave your room full of fresh scent, but it is also beneficial for your skin. Eucalyptus used in Proraso shaving cream can tone your skin and tighten your skin pores. As a result, you achieve radiant, fresher, and healthier-looking skin.

Proraso shaving products are also available in white and red lines. Keep in mind that the red one is perfect for providing your skin with moisture, vitamins, and minerals. In contrast, the white one is ideal for individuals with sensitive skin. Proraso does not contain chemicals, preservatives, parabens, and silicon.

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of shaving brands available on the market. However, very few reach the quality and legacy of Proraso, which has won people’s hearts by producing the highest-quality shaving cream and aftershave products. Proraso has a long history, worldwide reputation, innovative production processes, and much more that provide great value to customers.