The House of Oud was founded in 2016. The company has quickly developed a reputation for blending high-quality ingredients sourced from Italy with Oriental Oud. To date, the House of Oud has launched 20 perfume products for both men and women.

The House of Oud is a popular perfumery brand that tells the story of a friendship between an Indonesian producer of Oud and an Italian master perfumer. The perfume products of the House of Oud combines the tradition and sophistication of Oud distillation.

Each scent is a handcrafted bottle featuring an aesthetically round glass topper. Besides, each product has its unique topper color, which represents the unique aroma inside the bottle.

The House of Oud uses natural ingredients to create scents. Some of the ingredients found in the products are bergamot, chamomile, wormwood, lemon verbena, Oolong tea, cedar, black tea, musk, and amber.

The official website of the company features two collections, which are “Desert Day” and “KLEM Garden.” The Desert Day features some unique perfume products, which are “Breath of the infinite,” “Wind-Heat,” “Golden Powder,” “Blessing Silence,” and “Wonderly.”

The KLEM Garden is another collection of beautiful and soothing fragrances. The collection includes “Empathy,” “Dates Delight,” “Grape Pearls,” “Cypress Shade,” and “Almond Harmony.”

What Makes the House of Oud Different from others?

The House of Oud has been making its mark on the industry for the last few years. One of the biggest benefits for many people is that since these fragrances are natural and holistic, they don’t have any abrasive effect on the skin.

For instance, if you use Grape Pearls or Date Delights, you will have a more natural feel and this naturalness is the main reason people use the House of Oud fragrances. Many people have experienced that awkward moment when they walk by someone who is wearing a perfume that produces a strong and unpleasant smell.

However, this is not the case with the House of Oud. No matter if you choose a product from the “Desert Day” or “KLEM Garden,” each product provides a pleasant yet subtle scent people around you will notice and enjoy.

Oud has a strong and mystical scent, which is popular for psychological health. The main ingredient of the perfumes produced by the House of Oud is well-known for its calming properties. It removes the negative energies surrounding the human aura.


The House of Oud’s priority is your safety. That’s why the company uses natural ingredients that are potentially free from parabens, sulfates, and other toxic elements, which can cause harm to human health and damage the environment. So, eco-friendliness is not just a mere term for the “House of Oud,” it is a way of life and the core value of its business.

Hand-Picked Fragrances

The essences and colors that the House of Oud come from naturally sourced and hand-picked ingredients, including Oud, agarwood, bergamot, Aloe, argan, wild fig, and many more. The products of the House of Oud are free from artificial fragrances and colors. This is what makes the brand unique and popular even though it is new on the market.