Marie Jeanne

Marie Jeanne: "cannabis"



With aromatic flourishes of eucalyptus paired with the distinctive aroma of cannabis, Marie Jeanne is truly unlike any other candle on the market. Please be aware that burning Marie Jeanne may result in feelings of relaxation and an overwhelming sense of of well-being.


  • Top - Coffee, zest, green note
  • Middle - Cannabis accord, dried leaves
  • Base - Woods, conifer resin

Artemisia absinthium is infamous for its use in the much-maligned spirit absinthe. In fact, the association runs so deep that the plant is commonly known as absinthe wormwood or even simply absinthe. While much of the controversy surrounding the consumption of absinthe has died down, it still holds a unique place in the cultural imagination. The aroma of absinthe is bittersweet and herbal with lush aromatic undertones. 

Cannabis sativa is an annual flowering plant native to eastern Asia, cultivated throughout recorded history. Cannabis has been used as a source of industrial fiber and oil as well as for religious, medical and recreational purposes. In recent decades, the recreational use of cannabis has been increasingly normalized in Western society as laws prohibiting its use have relaxed or been overturned entirely. In perfumery, it is used to impart a unique earthy aroma with a slightly sulfurous aroma and undertones of hay and grass.

Eucalyptus globulus More commonly known as the southern blue gum, this evergreen tree is native to southeastern Australia, though it is cultivated in parts of Europe, Africa and the Pacific. The leaves of the southern blue gum are steam distilled to produce eucalyptus oil, which is prized for both its fragrance and its antimicrobial properties. Its scent is aromatic and camphoraceous with sweet, woody facets. 

Citrus aurantium ssp. amara Petitgrain is an essential oil extracted via steam distillation of the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree. The name petitgrain literally means "little grain" and refers to the fact that the essential oil was historically extracted from the small, unripe fruits of the tree. The aroma of petitgrain is woody and green with floral undertones.

Citrus bergamia Like most citrus fruits, the bergamot orange is a hybrid—genetic research has indicated that the bergamot is most likely a hybrid of the lemon and bigarade orange. Production of bergamot is mostly limited to the province of Reggio di Calabria on Southern Italy's Ionian coast, where climatic and soil conditions are favorable to the cultivation of this small, pear-shaped citrus fruit. Bergamot oil is expressed from the ripe peel of the fruit and possesses a citrusy aroma that is variously described as bitter and tart with mild spicy facets and a complex aromatic elements.

Note: This product may ship separately from other items on your order and may require additional processing time. 

Because these candles are made with 12% essential oil the fragrances carries in a way we haven't seen before - stronger, but not overwhelming! 


Strivezy was born from a simple idea - high quality products from nice people. Our goal is to not just deliver luxury items and goods, but to find the best products for our customers and deliver them with outstanding service. From home goods and travel accessories to unique gifts and personal care items, Strivezy is a creative company continually looking for ways to improve our customers' lives - from new products to top customer service, you are our main concern!

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Jeremy Meadows, Founder

We Believe In Quality 
  • We always strive to create something unique and different than what you can find anywhere else.  
We Believe in Clean, Natural Products 
  • We do our absolute best to source from natural, clean and sustainable brands that manufacture responsibly and give back to their communities. 
We Believe in Supply Chain Transparency
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We Believe in Small Innovative Businesses 
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