Marie Jeanne

Pierrette: "figue × violette"



Pierrette is the sweet green scent of violets in bloom; the tantalizing aroma of a ripe fig plucked straight from the branch; a captivating hint of sandalwood gently floating on the summer breeze. Its delicate fragrance is perfect for a relaxing evening.


  • Top - Mandarin, cassis, cardamom
  • Middle - Violet, fig leaf
  • Base - Fig milk, vetiver, sandalwood, musk

Citrus reticulata, commonly known as the mandarin or mandarin orange, is one of the original 'wild' citrus fruits and one of the three citrus fruits from which all modern hybrids are descended. Like other citrus fruits, essential oil is obtained via a process called expression wherein the outer peel is squeezed in presses. Mandarin essential oil is very sweet with honeyed facets. 

Santalum austrocaledonicum or New Caledonian sandalwood. Native to the islands of New Caledonia and Vanuatu in the South Pacific, Santalum austrocaledonicum possesses an aroma profile that is exceedingly close to that of Mysore sandalwood: rich, sweet-woody with an unparalleled complexity and depth and a smooth, creamy drydown. Moreover, New Caledonian sandalwood is sustainably-grown and ethically harvested to ensure the long-term viability of this truly remarkable material. 

It may come as a surprise that the robust, woody aroma of vetiver oil is obtained from the roots of a type of grass. Owing to its pleasant aroma and excellent fixative properties, vetiver has enjoyed a long history of use in perfumery. Its unique woody-earthy aroma possesses a certain degree of freshness with facets of hazelnut and grapefruit. 

The sweet fragrance of violet flower is legendary. Within its unassuming blooms lies a woody-fruity aroma of staggering proportions with enough gravitas and emotional resonance to bring a grown man to tears. Of course, such beauty doesn’t come without a price; quite literally, in the case of violet. Luckily, two German chemists, Tiemann and Krüger, identified the molecular source of this beauty in 1893 when they discovered ionones. Unlike violet absolute, ionones could be produced on a large scale relatively inexpensively, ushering in a Golden Age of violet fragrances. To this day, ?-ionone and ?-ionone continue to be preferred over violet absolute making Marie Jeanne’s compositions the exception to the rule. 

Like most citrus fruits, the bergamot orange is a hybrid—genetic research has indicated that the bergamot is most likely a hybrid of the lemon and bigarade orange. Production of bergamot is mostly limited to the province of Reggio di Calabria on Southern Italy's Ionian coast, where climatic and soil conditions are favorable to the cultivation of this small, pear-shaped citrus fruit. Bergamot oil is expressed from the ripe peel of the fruit and possesses a citrusy aroma that is variously described as bitter and tart with mild spicy facets and a complex aromatic elements. 

Note: This product may ship separately from other items on your order and may require additional processing time. 

Because these candles are made with 12% essential oil the fragrances carries in a way we haven't seen before - stronger, but not overwhelming! 



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